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O-151 Attitudes Of Mothers About Medication Safety Of Chidren
  1. M Uzun1,
  2. G Sahin2,
  3. S Özcan2,
  4. E Gülsuyu3,
  5. F Pars3,
  6. S Atak4,
  7. S Ekici5
  1. 1Child Health and Illnesses Nursing, Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, Turkey
  2. 2Nursing, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Educatinal and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  3. 3Nursing, Lütfü Kirdar Educatinal and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  4. 4Nursing, Anadolu Health Center, Istanbul, Turkey
  5. 5Nursing, Dokuz Eylül University Educatinal and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Background and aims Unintentional medication misuse can lead harm and additional healthcare costs. Children are vulnerable to mistakes in taking medications. Parents and caregivers administering medications can easily be confused by different instructions for use based on the child’s age, weight, and other medical conditions. The aim of the study is to determine mother attitudes about medication safety of chidren.

Methods A descriptive quantitative approach was used in study. The data were obtained from 396 mothers at outpatient children clinic, by socio-demographic properties and medication safety questionnaire which was designed by researcher. Data was evaluated using the descriptive statistics available in the Statistical Package for Social Sciences Software (SPSS 16.0).

Results Most of the mothers were (46,4%) between 20–29, high-school graduate (30.3%) and housewife (84.1%). (77.0%) of children didn’t have a chronic illness but (60,1%) followed up by a physician once a mounth. Mother attitudes about medication safety are; if the illness was known before (47.5%) buy and use the medicines of previous experiences. If they recognised the illness firstly, use the prescribed medication (99%). (81,6%) gave up medication when side effects occur. (99.0%) of them obey the medication dosage, (96.5%) of them reported the ineffectiveness of medication to physician. Residual medicines thrown down (74,5%) and if nessesary stored at high places (85,6%). If they forgot to schedule of medication, they waited until the next dose (60%).

Conclusion Most of the mothers pay attention and perform true attitude for medication safety.

  • Medication safety
  • mothers
  • children

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