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Safety trial of heated factor VIII concentrate (8Y).
  1. K J Pasi,
  2. F G Hill
  1. Department of Haematology, Children's Hospital, Birmingham.


    Seventeen previously untreated boys with haemophilia A were treated with high purity heat treated factor VIII concentrate (8Y) for up to 36 months. Liver function tests were assessed monthly. No boy's serum has been shown to contain HIV antibodies and no increases in alanine transaminase activity have been detected. In only one patient was a single rise in aspartate transaminase activity noted, and this was without a corresponding rise in alanine transaminase. A second patient's serum contained hepatitis B core antibody transiently. It was thought likely in both cases that the abnormalities reflected intercurrent infections rather than disease associated with transfusion. The physical treatments used in the production of 8Y seem to inactivate the agent(s) responsible for non-A, non-B hepatitis and HIV transmission by transfusion of factor VIII has been abolished. There are, however, problems associated with conducting safety trials in young haemophiliac patients.

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