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Plasma fibronectin concentrations in mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome.
  1. S Shimizu,
  2. T Kuratsuji,
  3. T Ojima,
  4. E Takahashi


    Plasma fibronectin concentrations were measured in 41 patients suffering from mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome (MCLS, Kawasaki disease). Plasma fibronectin concentrations were decreased significantly in the early days of the disease, but increased gradually and reached significantly high concentrations by the fourth week of the disease. In nine of the 41 patients, coronary involvement was found by echocardiographic examination. These patients showed significantly lower plasma fibronectin concentrations in the first and second weeks of the disease than those without coronary involvement. As the underlying pathology of MCLS is known to be vasculitis, the lower plasma fibronectin concentrations might be partly the result of injury inflicted upon the endothelial cells, which are thought to be the major site of synthesis of circulating plasma fibronectin concentrations.

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