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Outbreak of anorexia nervosa admissions during the COVID-19 pandemic
Haripersad, Yasheer Venay; Kannegiesser-Bailey, Madeleine; Morton, Katinka; Skeldon, Sarah; Shipton, Nicolene; Edwards, Kara; Newton, Rachel; Newell, Amanda; Stevenson, Paul Geoffrey; Martin, Andrew C.

Why is COVID-19 less severe in children? A review of the proposed mechanisms underlying the age-related difference in severity of SARS-CoV-2 infections
Zimmermann, Petra; Curtis, Nigel

Delayed access to care and late presentations in children during the COVID-19 pandemic: a snapshot survey of 4075 paediatricians in the UK and Ireland
Lynn, Richard M.; Avis, Jacob L.; Lenton, Simon; Amin–Chowdhury, Zahin; Ladhani, Shamez N.

COVID-19 lockdown dropped the rate of paediatric asthma admissions
Krivec, Uros; Seliger, Andreja Kofol; Tursic, Janja

Systematic review of reviews of symptoms and signs of COVID-19 in children and adolescents
Viner, Russell M.; Ward, Joseph Lloyd; Hudson, Lee D.; Ashe, Melissa; Patel, Sanjay Valabh; Hargreaves, Dougal; Whittaker, Elizabeth

Rise in the incidence of abusive head trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic
Sidpra, Jai; Abomeli, Doris; Hameed, Biju; Baker, Janice; Mankad, Kshitij

COVID-19 in children treated with immunosuppressive medication for kidney diseases
Marlais, Matko; Wlodkowski, Tanja; Al-Akash, Samhar; Ananin, Petr; Bandi, Varun Kumar; Baudouin, Veronique; Boyer, Olivia; Vasquez, Luciola; Govindan, Sukanya; Hooman, Nakysa; Ijaz, Iftikhar; Loza, Reyner; Melgosa, Marta; Pande, Nivedita; Pape, Lars; Saha, Anshuman; Samsonov, Dmitry; Schreuder, Michiel F.; Sharma, Jyoti; Siddiqui, Sahar; Sinha, Rajiv; Stewart, Heather; Tasic, Velibor; Toenshoff, Burkhard; Twombley, Katherine; Upadhyay, Kiran; Vivarelli, Marina; Weaver, Donald J.; Woroniecki, Robert; Schaefer, Franz; Tullus, Kjell

Global incidence and mortality of neonatal sepsis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Fleischmann, Carolin; Reichert, Felix; Cassini, Alessandro; Horner, Rosa; Harder, Thomas; Markwart, Robby; Troendle, Marc; Savova, Yoanna; Kissoon, Niranjan; Schlattmann, Peter; Reinhart, Konrad; Allegranzi, Benedetta; Eckmanns, Tim

RSV bronchiolitis season 2021 has arrived, so be prepared!
Hussain, Faris; Kotecha, Sarah; Edwards, Martin Oliver

Where have all the children gone? Decreases in paediatric emergency department attendances at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020
Isba, Rachel; Edge, Rhiannon; Jenner, Rachel; Broughton, Emily; Francis, Natalie; Butler, Jim

Longitudinal increases in childhood depression symptoms during the COVID-19 lockdown
Bignardi, Giacomo; Dalmaijer, Edwin S.; Anwyl-Irvine, Alexander L.; Smith, Tess A.; Siugzdaite, Roma; Uh, Stepheni; Astle, Duncan E.

Disappearing act: COVID-19 and paediatric emergency department attendances
Dann, Lisa; Fitzsimons, John; Gorman, Kathleen M.; Hourihane, Jonathan; Okafor, Ikechukwu

Role of children in household transmission of COVID-19
Kim, Jieun; Choe, Young June; Lee, Jin; Park, Young Joon; Park, Ok; Han, Mi Seon; Kim, Jong-Hyun; Choi, Eun Hwa

Changing admission patterns in paediatric emergency departments during the COVID-19 pandemic
Scaramuzza, Andrea; Tagliaferri, Francesco; Bonetti, Lorenza; Soliani, Martina; Morotti, Francesco; Bellone, Simonetta; Cavalli, Claudio; Rabbone, Ivana

Clinical characteristics, treatment and outcomes of paediatric COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Irfan, Omar; Muttalib, Fiona; Tang, Kun; Jiang, Li; Lassi, Zohra S.; Bhutta, Zulfiqar

Vaccine hesitancy in low- and middle-income countries: potential implications for the COVID-19 response
Bhopal, Sunil; Nielsen, Maryke

Young people’s views on their role in the COVID-19 pandemic and society’s recovery from it
Larcher, Vic; Dittborn, Mariana; Linthicum, James; Sutton, Amy; Brierley, Joe; Payne, Christopher; Hardy, Hannah

Diabetic ketoacidosis at the onset of disease during a national awareness campaign: a 2-year observational study in children aged 0-18 years
Rabbone, Ivana; Maltoni, Giulio; Tinti, Davide; Zucchini, Stefano; Cherubini, Valentino; Bonfanti, Riccardo; Scaramuzza, Andrea

Examining the interseasonal resurgence of respiratory syncytial virus in Western Australia
Foley, David Anthony; Phuong, Linny Kimly; Peplinski, Joseph; Lim, Selina Mei; Lee, Wei Hao; Farhat, Asifa; Minney-Smith, Cara A.; Martin, Andrew C.; Mace, Ariel O.; Sikazwe, Chisha T.; Le, Huong; Levy, Avram; Hoeppner, Tobias; Borland, Meredith L.; Hazelton, Briony; Moore, Hannah C.; Blyth, Christopher; Yeoh, Daniel K.; Bowen, Asha C.

Priorities for the child public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic recovery in England
Hefferon, Catherine; Taylor, Catherine; Bennett, Davara; Falconer, Catherine; Campbell, Melisa; Williams, Joanna G.; Schwartz, Dave; Kipping, Ruth; Taylor-Robinson, David

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