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Can I go home now? The safety and efficacy of a new UK paediatric febrile neutropenia protocol for risk-stratified early discharge on oral antibiotics
Thomas John Jackson, Rachel Napper, Gabrielle M Haeusler, Barry Pizer, Jessica Bate, Richard G Grundy, Sujith Samarasinghe, Paola Angelini, Ashley Ball-Gamble, Bob Phillips, Jessica Elizabeth Morgan

2 February 2023

Successful integration of newborn genetic testing into UK routine screening using prospective consent to determine eligibility for clinical trials
Owen Martyn Bendor-Samuel, Tabitha Wishlade, Louise Willis, Parvinder Aley, Edward Choi, Rachel Craik, Yama Mujadidi, Ginny Mounce, Fenella Roseman, Arancha De La Horra Gozalo, James Bland, Nazia Taj, Ian Smith, Anette-Gabriele Ziegler, Ezio BonifacioSee the full list of authors

15 December 2022

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