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Reductions in hospital care among clinically vulnerable children aged 0–4 years during the COVID-19 pandemic
David Etoori, Katie L Harron, Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Maximiliane L Verfürden, Ruth Gilbert, Ruth Blackburn

20 September 2022

Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 positivity in infants with bronchiolitis: a multicentre international study
Giorgio Cozzi, Luisa Cortellazzo Wiel, Alessandro Amaddeo, Antonio Gatto, Manuela Giangreco, Adi Klein-Kremer, Samantha Bosis, Davide Silvagni, Carla Debbia, Laura Nanni, Sara Chiappa, Marta Minute, Ilaria Corsini, Giuliana Morabito, Anna Jolanda GortanSee the full list of authors

18 August 2022

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