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Social communication skill attainment in babies born during the COVID-19 pandemic: a birth cohort study
Susan Byrne, Hailey Sledge, Ruth Franklin, Fiona Boland, Deirdre M Murray, Jonathan Hourihane, , on behalf of the CORAL Study group, Liam O’Mahony, Naomi McCallion, Martin White, Marguerite Lawler, Aideen Byrne, John Fitzsimons, Orla McNerney

15 December 2022

Successful integration of newborn genetic testing into UK routine screening using prospective consent to determine eligibility for clinical trials
Owen Martyn Bendor-Samuel, Tabitha Wishlade, Louise Willis, Parvinder Aley, Edward Choi, Rachel Craik, Yama Mujadidi, Ginny Mounce, Fenella Roseman, Arancha De La Horra Gozalo, James Bland, Nazia Taj, Ian Smith, Anette-Gabriele Ziegler, Ezio BonifacioSee the full list of authors

15 December 2022

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