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ADC Paediatric Emergency Medicine

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Cost-effectiveness of patient observation on cranial CT use with minor head trauma
Sonia Singh, Stephen Hearps, Daniel K Nishijima, John Alexander Cheek, Meredith Borland, Stuart Dalziel, James Holmes, Nathan Kuppermann, Franz E Babl, Jeffrey S Hoch,

19 July 2022

Febrile young infants with abnormal urine dipstick at low risk of invasive bacterial infection
Roberto Velasco, Ainara Lejarzegi, Borja Gomez, Mercedes de la Torre, Isabel Duran, Amaia Camara, Daniel de la Rosa, Sergio Manzano, Jose Rodriguez, Andres González, Anne-Aurelie Lopes, Aristides Rivas, Isabel Martinez, Carlos Miguel Angelats, Sandra MoyaSee the full list of authors

19 July 2021

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