Table 3

Demographics of the 268 babies diagnosed with CF

Demographic informationStudy sample, n (%)
Gestational age (weeks), median (IQR)39 (38–40)
Age at bloodspot (days), median (IQR)5 (5–6) 
GenderMale136 (50.7)
Female132 (49.3)
EthnicityWhite232 (86.6)
Mixed10 (3.7)
Pakistani or any other Asian background19 (7.1)
Any other ethnic category7 (2.6)
GeneticsPhe508del homozygous154 (57.5)
Phe508del heterozygous94 (35.1)
Other20 (7.4)
Sweat chloride (mmol/L), median (IQR)96 (88–103)
Pancreatic insufficiencyPancreatic insufficient238 (88.8)
Pancreatic sufficient30 (11.2)
Age at first review by CF team (days), mean (SD)Total22.4 (9.5)
Two CFTR variants at referral17.1 (6.1)
One CFTR variant at referral25.9 (9.7)
Zero CFTR variant at referral30.9 (7.9)
Meconium ileus30 (11.2)
  • Normally distributed data presented as mean (SD). Non-normally distributed data presented as median (IQR).

  • CF, cystic fibrosis.