Table 1

Characteristics of the included studies

StudyLocationStudy designStudy quality assessmentPatients number (frequency male)Devices numberIndicationFrequency tunnelled/
Frequency insertions open/ PercutaneousOutcomes
Abbas et al 201410 Saudi ArabiaRCModerate148 (74)199Haematological malignancy101/47NSDuration
Adler et al 200611 IsraelPCModerate281 (243)419Haematological and solid tumours173/246NSInfection, mechanical, duration
Barrett et al 200422 UKPCModerateNS824Haematological and solid tumours745/77NSFailure/removal
Basford et al 200325 CanadaRCModerate67 (35)98Haematological and solid tumours52/46NS/41Infection, mechanical
Beck et al 201926 GermanyRCModerate296 (149)NSHaematological and solid tumours168/128NSInfection, mechanical, thrombosis
Bratton et al 201327 USARCModerate170 (NS)144Haematological and solid tumours34/110NSInfection, mechanical, failure/removal
Chen et al 201628 CanadaRCSerious104 (53)147Haematological and solid tumours40/70NSThrombosis
Flynn et al 200329 USARCModerate172 (96)NSHaematological and solid tumours151/21NSInfection
Handrup et al 201030 DenmarkPCModerate98 (96)98Haematological malignancy63/35NSInfection
Hooda et al 200831 PakistanRCSerious92 (NS)NSHaematological malignancy4/42NSInfection, acceptability
Hord et al 201612 USAPCModerate1113 (NS)NSHaematological and solid tumoursNS/NSNSInfection
Kelly et al 201313 USARCModerate123 (68)NSHaematological and solid tumours23/102NSInfection
La Quaglia et al 199214 USAPCModerate271 (149)271Haematological and solid tumours229/42NSInfection, mechanical, failure/removal, duration
Mirro et al 198915 USAPCModerate264 (172)286Haematological and solid tumours204/82228/58Infection, mechanical
Newman et al 201216 IsraelRCModerateNS328Haematological and solid tumours190/138151/177Infection
Park et al 202117 South KoreaRCModerate470 (290)NSHaematological and solid tumours226/242NSInfection
Pektas et al 201518 TurkeyRCModerate106 (73)203Haematological malignancy112/910/203Infection, mechanical, thrombosis, failure/removal, duration, bleeding
Severien et al 199119 USARCModerate60 (33)75Haematological malignancy45/25NSInfection, mechanical
Stammers et al 201632 CanadaRCModerate330 (152)NSHaematological and solid tumours41/216NSThrombosis
Wacker et al 199220 SwitzerlandRCModerate69 (45)93Haematological and solid tumours59/3456/37Infection, thrombosis, duration
White et al 201221 UKRCModerate322 (165)322Haematological malignancy68/254NSInfection, thrombosis, failure/removal, duration
Wurzel et al 198823 USAPCModerate62 (43)78Haematological and solid tumours33/45NSInfection
Yacobovich et al 201524 IsraelRCModerate262 (155)463Haematological and solid tumours104/126NSInfection
  • NS, not specified; PC, prospective cohort study; PORT, implanted port; RC, retrospective cohort study.