Table 1

Features of 15 cases dying in acute episode, ranked by age at death

No.Coh numberAgeSexClinical featuresSpleen at autopsy
Autopsy numberWeightRatioCulture
Documented ASS in life
11010.6FDead on arrival, pallor ++ (2nd event)9434122225.5 Streptococcus pneumoniae*
2520.6FDied day after admission (2nd event), Hb 5.3897760232.6 S. pneumoniae
3751.8MDied on way to hospital, pallor ++ (2nd event), Hb 2.4974262331.9 S. pneumoniae
4124.5MDied during admission (3rd event), Hb 2.510 302445499.1Nad
57615.5FDied during admission (4th event), Hb 2.714 6289461009.5Nad
Possible ASS at death
63140.4FDied on way to hospital, fever, pallor11 421110165.3Nad
72850.6MDied on way to hospital, pallor ++, ACS11 17290173.8Nad
82000.6MDied on way to hospital, Hb 0.810 496115196.1Nad
9650.8FDied on way to hospital, pallor ++X75/1092253.7 S. pneumoniae§
101200.9FDied at home, pallor ++970560252.4Nad
111021.0FDied during admission, ACS, Hb 5.8958445222.0Nad
12411.5FDied at home, pallor ++9314172305.7Nad
131351.5FDied during admission, pallor ++Govt140305.5 Enterobacter
141381.7FDied during admission, pallor ++10 329160305.3 Klebsiella
15702.7FDied during admission, drowsy ++10 134140373.8 Klebsiella
  • *Bronchus.

  • †Cardiac blood.

  • ‡Bronchus, middle ear and lung.

  • §Middle ear.

  • ACS, acute chest syndrome; Exp, Expected; Hb, haemoglobin; Nad, no significant growth on culture; Obs, observed.