Table 2

Estimated fixed effects of panel data regression

VariableCoefficient95% CI (lower to upper)P value
Intercept8.007.81 to 8.180.00
Years diagnosed−0.001−0.002 to –0.0010.04
Pre-AIP0.950.85 to 1.050.00
Post-AIP0.140.05 to 0.230.00
Male sex−0.11−0.20 to –0.020.02
SE group 2−0.14−0.32 to 0.030.10
SE group 3−0.17−0.35 to 0.020.08
SE group 4−0.22−0.38 to –0.060.01
SEgGroup 5−0.35−0.52 to –0.190.00
Pump therapy−0.70−0.81 to –0.570.00
MDI regimen−0.15−0.29 to –0.000.04
Three times a day regimen−0.07−0.15 to 0.020.13
Age0.050.04 to 0.060.00
Goodness of fitValue
Adjusted R20.69
BIC43 617
  • Pre-AIP indicates a dummy variable equal to 1 if there was an AIP in the previous 6 months prior to the data point and equal to 0 otherwise. Post-AIP is a dummy variable which is equal to 1 if an AIP occurs in the 6 months after the data point and 0 otherwise. SE group is a categorical variable which indicates the expected difference between a patient in a specific SE group relative to the lowest SE group, which is taken as the index group.

  • AIP, active intervention programme; MDI, multiple daily injection; SE, socioeconomic.