Table 1

Database description

Full datasetPump therapyMDIThree times a dayBD
Number of episodes5546265832883792
Age at diagnosis6.128.776.997.18
Age of start of therapy9.6012.3210.688.94
% female47.7945.9949.0047.08
Average HbA1c7.708.278.648.66
% AIP sessions8.917.919.720.5
Number of patients452511451565
Duration on regimen (months)47.4517.6624.5322.68
% previously on pump311
% subsequently on pump274142
% previously on MDI32124
% subsequently on MDI54134
% previously on three times a day41346
% subsequently on three times a day1942
% previously on BD543858
% subsequently on BD2414
% SE quintile 118172120
% SE quintile 222181618
% SE quintile 315201721
% SE quintile 422222319
% SE quintile 524222322
  • Descriptive statistics for full database % AIP sessions is the percentage of all episodes for each regimen type which were categorised as AIP encounters.

  • % prior pump therapy indicates the percentage of patients for each regimen type who ever had pump therapy prior to the reference regimen. % Subsequent pump therapy indicates the percentage of patients on each regimen who subsequently went on to have pump therapy after being on the reference regimen.

  • AIP, active intervention programme; BD, two times per day; MDI, multiple daily injection; SE, socioeconomic.