Table 2

Multivariable linear regression of risk factors associated with neurodevelopment scores among SGA and AGA

SGA (n=90)AGA (n=90)β (95% CI)
Absolute scoresAbsolute scores
Overall scores100.12102.36−2.42 (−5.14 to 0.29)
Gross motor scores25.1926.07−0.86 (−1.89 to 0.18)
Fine motor scores24.224.91−0.98 (−1.90 to −0.06) *
Language scores21.0121.06−0.24 (−1.39 to 0.90)
Social scores29.7230.32−0.30 (−1.15 to 0.54)
  • *Significant finding.

  • †Adjusted for woman and her husband’s education, maternal MUAC, parity, sniffed tobacco, child’s age, stunting and gestational age at delivery.

  • AGA, appropriate for gestational age; MUAC, maternal midupper arm circumference; SGA, small for gestational age.