Table 1

Demographic comparisons between the CORAL (n=309) and full BASELINE (n=1629) cohorts

DemographicCORAL cohort n=309BASELINE cohort n=1629P value*
Gestational age, mean (SD)39.3 weeks (1.3)39.7 weeks (1.2)<0.01
Mean weight at birth (SD)3.5 kg (0.5)3.5 kg (0.5)0.33
Proportion of females (n/N)45.6% (141/309)48.8% (795/1629)0.30
Proportion of first born (n/N)44.7% (138/309)83.9% (1364/1629)<0.01
Proportion of maternal tertiary education (n/N)94.4% (292/309)87.8% (1431/1629)<0.01
Mean age at assessment (SD)400 (24) days381 (18) days<0.01
  • *Proportions test or Student’s t-test as appropriate.

  • BASELINE, Babies After SCOPE: Evaluating the Longitudinal Impact using Neurological and Nutritional Impact; CORAL, Impact of Corona Virus Pandemic on Allergic and Autoimmune Dysregulation in Infants Born During Lockdown.