Table 1

Details of study subjects

Number recruited128
Median age (IQR) (years)12 (10, 12)12.5 (11.3, 13)
Median waist circumference (IQR) (cm)*83.5 cm (76.5, 90.5)91 cm (85.3, 98.25)
Median BMI (IQR) (kg/m2)*25.15 kg/m2 (23.6, 27.3)27.05 kg/m2 (24.61, 29.6)
Acanthosis nigricans128
  • There was no significant difference in median age, waist circumference and BMI in the 20 subjects who took part in this study. All of them had acanthosis nigricans, which is a skin marker of underlying insulin resistance.

  • *Greater than 90th centile compared with a standard age-matched and sex-matched population.23 24

  • BMI, body mass index.