Table 2

Nutritional composition of test meals

Test meal (200 g)Resistant starch (g)Carbohydrate (g)Protein
M1 (200 g rice)1.44*39.9*4.5197.4
M2 (200 g rice+oil)3.98*42.9*4.5199.8
M3 (180g rice+oil+20 g lentils)3.76†42.6†5.85†205.4
  • The three test meals were isocaloric and isovolumetric (one standard cupful). Test meals 2 (M2) and 3 (M3) had a higher resistant starch content, while M3 had a higher protein content compared with the other two—the composition of M3 was derived from published nutritional assessment data.16

  • *Measured using the ‘Megazyme’ assay (Ireland).

  • †Calculated from nutritional composition data.16