Table 2

Pros and cons of screening for type 1 diabetes (T1D)

  • Potential to prevent DKA at diagnosis by education on symptoms of diabetes

  • Opportunity for time to adjust to diagnosis

  • Genetic testing for high-risk genes/genetic risk scores possible at birth for use in combination with autoantibodies

  • IAb detectable with fingerprick test, so easy test to administer

  • IAb sensitive and specific

  • May be intervention studies to delay development or prevent T1D in future

  1. Potential increased anxiety in parents/carers knowing child is at risk

  2. High numbers of individuals genetically at risk but who don’t develop T1D

  3. If using IAb alone:

    • Likely need testing more than once

    • Will miss those diagnosed before screening and those who seroconvert after screening test

  4. Treatment of early hyperglycaemia can be challenging

  5. No licensed treatment to prevent T1D at present

  • DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis.