Table 1

Developmental milestones included in the Early Childhood Development Index by domain and coding of on-track and off-track development by domain

DomainMilestoneOn-track development if childOff-track development if child
CognitiveFollows simple directions on how to do something correctlyPasses ≥1 milestoneFails both milestones
When given something to do, is able to do it independently
SocioemotionalGets along well with other childrenPasses ≥2 milestonesFails ≥1 milestone
Does not kick, bite or hit other children
Does not get distracted easily
PhysicalCan pick up a small object with two fingers, like a stick or a rock from the groundPasses ≥1 milestoneFails both milestones
Is not sometimes too sick to play
Literacy-numeracyCan identify/name at least 10 letters of the alphabetPasses ≥2 milestonesFails ≥1 milestone
Can read at least four simple, popular words
Knows the name and recognises the symbol of all numbers from 1 to 10