Table 1

Search terms, contacts and online resources used

Online search terms used (and respective translations to French, Spanish and Portuguese)Combinations of ‘Guideline(s)’, ‘Malnutrition’, ‘IMAM’, ‘CMAM’, ‘SAM’, ‘Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition’, ‘Community (based) Management of Acute Malnutrition’, ‘Severe Acute Malnutrition’, ‘Acute’, ‘Wasting’, ‘Unternutrition’, ‘Nutrition’, ‘National’, ‘International’
UNICEF regional/country offices contacted UNICEF India, UNICEF East Africa, UNICEF West Africa, UNICEF South Asia, UNICEF Burundi, UNICEF New York
Accessed online databases and document librariesDocument libraries of National Health Ministry homepages of countries listed in table 2:,,,,,,,,,, fantaproject,org,,,
  • CMAM, community-based management of acute malnutrition; SAM, severe acute malnutrition.