Table 1

Characteristics of children diagnosed with coeliac disease during the 5-year follow-up

IDSexAnti-TG2-IgA at baseline (U/mL)EMA-IgA titre at baselineLocal anti-TG2 IgA at follow-up/diagnosis (U/mL)Standardised anti-TG2-IgA at follow-up (U/mL)SymptomsHistopathology and diagnostic considerations
Diagnosis before the 5-year follow-up
1F2.81:5Missing0.5*Abdominal painMarsh IIIa
2F5.61:1026†2.5*Abdominal painMissing biopsy data, decrease in anti-TG2 IgA 5.6-26-14-2.5 on gluten-free diet
3F3.11:58.0†0.5*Gases, loose stools and fatigueMarsh IIIb
5F2.71:205.0†3.7*Fatigue, abdominal pain and nauseaMarsh II
Diagnosis at follow-up
6M121:2040MissingShort statureMarsh IIIa
7F6.61:1025MissingHealthyMarsh IIIa
8F4.01:59522Fatigue, upset stomach and constipationMarsh I
9F6.21:5143.8Abdominal pain and upset stomachMarsh IIIa
10F4.21:5Missing2.5Abdominal painMarsh IIIb
11F3.91:5Missing22Fatigue and upset stomachMarsh 1
  • *At 5-year follow-up on a gluten-free diet.

  • †At diagnosis, before the 5-year follow-up.

  • ‡EMA IgG and EMA IgA neg.

  • EMA, endomysial antibody.