Table 2

Summary of demographics of patients included in the MaCROS study

Patient numberSex
DiagnosisCycle/dayConsentPaper/diaryStopped further participation in MaCROS study
1FEwing’s sarcomaLast cycle10/06/2019PaperStopped participation
2FOsteosarcomaCycle 602/07/2019Web app
3FUndifferentiated sarcomaCycle 202/07/2019Not completed
HD chemotherapy and stem cell rescue
Day 004/07/2019Not completed
5MHR NBLDay 2004/07/2019Paper
6FHR NBL- HD chemotherapy and stem cell rescueDay 004/07/2019Web app
7MAMLCycle 104/09/2019Web app
8MNHLCycle 205/09/2019Paper
9MMetastatic-relapsed osteosarcomaCycle 109/07/2019PaperStopped participation
10MOsteosarcomaCycle 319/11/2019Paper
  • AML, acute myeloid leukaemia; HD, high dose; HR NBL, high-risk neuroblastoma; NHL, non-Hodgkins lymphoma.