Table 5

Quotes linked to the text regarding resilience

Downward comparison I haven’t got Russell Silver Syndrome as bad as some of the other people in there [Child Growth Foundation Convention]. (P06_F)
Social support – Child Growth Foundation Annual Convention Because you can talk about it more. Because sometimes when you’re talking to your friends about it, they’re always like ‘Oh no’, and they’re not really interested because probably it’s just my friend who has something. But the people there, they have it too, and you can share experiences with them. (P02_F)
Social support – friends like me But one of my friends, who I’ve known before Secondary is in my Year, and she’s also hard of hearing, so that’s nice for me, because it’s someone who I can relate with. (P03_F)
Social support – friends I think I’ve got quite a few friends as well. (P04_M)
Social support – family My mum and dad have been there for me all the time, through my injections and all through the growth and all that. I think it might have impacted on them, the injections, because I don’t think they liked me taking injections. But I feel like it’s impacted them in a good way, because they’ve seen all the changes that have happened to me, and they’re quite proud of me. (P05_M)