Table 5

Estimated regression coefficients for length of stay (log transformed)

Including ethnicityModel excluding ethnicity
Estimate95% CIP valueEstimate95% CIP value
Asian0.9440.643 to 1.390.765
Black1.381.04 to 1.820.0252
Mixed0.7060.442 to 1.130.142
Other1.460.853 to 2.50.164
IMD quintile0.9130.827 to 1.010.07270.8540.777 to 0.9390.00141
BMI0.9640.939 to 0.9890.005880.9750.95 to 10.0592
Age (months)11 to 10.036811 to 10.0625
Gender (male)1.050.833 to 1.330.6561.040.812 to 1.330.747
  • Likelihood ratio test when including ethnicity versus not including ethnicity p=0.01.

  • BMI, body mass index; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.