Table 4

Quotes linked to the text regarding future challenge

Worries about pain affecting employment prospects I hope that doesn’t affect getting a job because of my wrists - my wrists do hurt, writing and that, and I just wonder. Probably being a veterinarian, maybe. I hope to have a good future. Hope it doesn’t really affect me. (P03_F)
Anticipated stigma I also hope that because you see stuff like people giving jobs to taller people because they think they’re more able and stuff. I just hope people won’t judge me because of that. I would tell them that, I think that’s the main thing, if I tell them that I had this thing [SRS], that they’d say ‘Oh, she’s weird, she has a genetic condition’. (P02_F)
Worries about height affecting employment prospects I think one of the main things is, it might sound crazy, but I don’t want to not get a job because of the size that I am, because I want to be a [profession] when I’m older, and I don’t know if it will or not, but I just don’t want it to affect me in the long-run, but I don’t think it will. (P05_M)
Independence for those with MatUPD7 I hope to start making my own doctor’s appointments. because I will be living in a house before very long [and] working in a phone shop. (P08_M)
Dating No, I don’t actually really have any relationships of that kind. I’ve only got friends. I think some of (my friends) have had boyfriends and girlfriends, but I don’t really hear much about them. (P04_M)