Table 2

Risk and HRs for COVID-19 requiring hospitalisation for adults living in healthcare worker households by number of young children

No children aged 0–11 years1 child aged 0–11 years2 children aged 0–11 years3+ children aged 0–11 yearsPer child
N adults with COVID-19 requiring hospitalisation39059202
Total N adults241 26641 19823 7833850
Risk per 10 00016.
Unadjusted10.89 (0.67–1.17)0.53 (0.34–0.83)0.33 (0.08–1.32)0.77 (0.65–0.90)
Model 111.09 (0.82–1.46)0.69 (0.44–1.10)0.44 (0.11–1.79)0.88 (0.75–1.04)
Model 211.11 (0.83–1.49)0.72 (0.45–1.15)0.44 (0.11–1.78)0.90 (0.76–1.05)
Model 311.13 (0.84–1.52)0.73 (0.46–1.16)0.45 (0.11–1.81)0.90 (0.77–1.06)
Model 411.17 (0.87–1.57)0.78 (0.49–1.26)0.49 (0.12–1.97)0.93 (0.79–1.10)
  • HRs obtained from Cox proportional hazard models. Model 1 adjusts for adults’ age using a penalised spline function. Model 2 additionally adjusts for sex, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation quintile, occupation (eg, nursing and medical), occupational role (patient facing, non-patient facing and undetermined), healthcare worker (yes/no), length of service, number of children aged 12–17 years in household and number of adults in household. Model 3 additionally adjusts for the comorbidity count and specific conditions (ischaemic heart disease, other heart disease, other circulatory system diseases, advanced chronic kidney disease, asthma and chronic lower respiratory disease, neurological disorders, decompensated liver disease, any immunological condition, malignant neoplasms, disorders of oesophagus, stomach and duodenum, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes). Model 4 additionally adjusts for part-time status (additional model not prespecified).