Table 3

Quotes linked to the text regarding pain, disability and fatigue

Pain during daily activities I struggle to walk sometimes, like really struggle. I’ll be fine for about thirty seconds, and then I get a burning sensation going up my legs, and they go, my legs go inwards, so I can’t, and then I can’t walk. (P07_F)
Adaption due to pain Well my wrists, I can write short passages but writing longer, I find it really difficult, so I’d use a laptop for it, because it just hurts. (P03_F)
Comments from others I mean my feet hurt from just walking home today (…) and like [to] be able to walk long distances, because my feet really hurt after a short amount of time. And PE [physical education] it is noticeable, like someone asked me, they came up to me and said ‘Oh, are you disabled or something?’ . (P02_F)
Physical disability It really bothered my dad actually because he was going ‘She’s not disabled, why is she in a wheelchair?’ And I don’t think it actually bothered me, but the fact that people stared did, because it was a real difference, because if you are just walking around no-one stares at you, but I was pushed into the disabled queue, and all the kids were looking at me getting out of the chair, and I just went ‘Oh, I feel a bit on the spot’. (P02_F)
Fatigue I used to do karate and gymnastics and I used to play football, but I’ve stopped them now (…) because I normally get tired easily. I have to stop all activities.