Table 6

Estimated regression coefficients for invasive ventilation

Complete modelModel excluding ethnicity
Estimate95% CIP valueEstimate95% CIP value
Ethnicity (black)10.31.4 to 2240.0502
IMD quintile0.610.223 to 1.450.2930.4260.174 to 0.8650.0339
BMI0.8330.661 to 0.9990.07530.8730.702 to 1.040.169
Age (months)1.010.993 to 1.030.3031.010.992 to 1.020.418
Gender (male)1.040.198 to 6.280.9640.810.165 to 4.580.798
  • Likelihood ratio test when including ethnicity vs not including ethnicity p=0.04722.

  • BMI, body mass index; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.