Table 5

Quotes for advice to others following lived experience

5. Advice to others following lived experience I will just say follow your instincts and not let COVID put you off, like just following your maternal instincts. If baby’s not well, if you're not feeling well, just go in and be strong and ask for things.”
Just because of what is going around, don't compromise you child’s health.”
“To look after the child health, just go ahead and go to the hospital. Don't wait. Health is more important than fear.”
“I would say you absolutely must go, if you listen to your gut and listen to your instincts, don’t listen to the media and don’t listen to fear mongering news. If you feel that there is a serious enough reason for you to go into hospital, go. Don’t not go because you’re afraid of getting COVID or being exposed to it. Go, because that is your best bet of saving your life or somebody else’s life and you must go.”