Table 4

Quotes for experiences of secondary care

4.1 Experiences of secondary care “To be fair, coming in here was really quick (the process), I didn’t need to hang around too many people. Everyone was maintaining their distance and obviously him being a child, he was put into the kids wing also immediately, which I found quite good and again I didn’t have to wait around in the waiting room, I felt the doctors and the nurses were taking that extra precautionary measure to make sure that everyone’s okay.”
“I was really worried because I’ve never seen the paediatric side of things in this hospital, but on coming in, literally as soon we entered the children’s ward it was amazing, even the A&E section was wonderful, but coming in here I’m really confident that he’s really taken care of. The nurse was there within seconds and the doctors and been very helpful in explaining to me what exactly is going on. It was different to what I expected, I think it was much better than what I expected.”
“I was expecting that we would be treated kind of, sorry for my language, but kind of like an animal in a cage, if that makes sense and everyone would walk away from you scared. But not at all, I feel safer here. I feel more safe in here than I do outside.”
“Was it what you expected? No, I thought I’d probably be waiting and I thought there would be massive queues”
4.2 Reassured by ED set-up “Within a few minutes he was pulled in and put into his own little room isolated from everyone else, so that kind of reassured me that there was a low chance of him getting anything.”
“I didn’t really come in contact with other patients because in the A&E section I was in a separate room. And in here when a separate room with everything separate, which is fine.”
“It was so like, so easy and they were waiting for us. It was very organised, the place like we said it was empty, we had the guidance everywhere between the seats, on the floor, like label everywhere which made things easier because I felt reassured as well.”
4.3 Regret on not attending earlier “So I do regret not bringing him in sooner.”
“I wish I had come earlier, I wish I came a week and a half ago.”
  • A&E, accident and emergency; ED, emergency department.