Table 1

Criteria for the definition of neonatal near-miss cases20 21

Any of the pragmatic and management criteria is enough to define a neonatal near-miss case within the first week after birth
n# Pragmatic criteria n# Management criteria
1Birthweight <1750 grams1Use of parenteral antibiotics
2Gestational age at birth between 28 and 33 weeks2Ventilation (use of nasal continuous positive airway pressure or invasive support)
35 min APGAR score <73Intubation at birth
4Use of phototherapy within the first 24 hours after birth
5Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
6Use of any vasoactive drug
7Use of anticonvulsants
8Administration of surfactant
9Administration of blood product
10Use of steroids to treat refractory hypoglycaemia
11Any surgery