Table 3

Major neurodevelopmental disability at school-age in children born EP and at term compared across geographically defined cohorts from different countries

Country (reference)Years of birthGestational age (weeks)Major disability
Australia7 1991–199223–2738/210 (18%)6/213 (3%)
199722–2722/142 (15%)3/170 (2%)
200522–2726/147 (18%)1/189 (0.5%)
UK and Ireland8 199522–25110/241 (46%)2/160 (1%)
France9 199724–2890/402 (22%)12/320 (4%)
Sweden10 2004–200722–26148/441 (34%)11/371 (3%)
  • Major neurodevelopmental disability defined in the Victorian studies as any of moderate or severe cerebral palsy (unable to walk, or walking with considerable difficulty, with or without appliances, or GMFCS levels 2–5), blindness, deafness or an IQ <−2 SD. Other cohorts had similar criteria except the studies from the UK and Ireland, and from Sweden included less severe vision loss than blindness.

  • EP, extremely preterm.