Table 1

Baseline characteristics of participants at randomisation

Non-operative treatment (n=29)Total
Age10 years 7 months (6 years 4 months to 13 years 6 months)10 years 3 months (5 years 0 months to 15 years 11 months)10 years 5 months (5 years 0 months to 15 years 11 months)
Sex M:F (n)18:1018:10*36:20*
Duration of symptoms (hours)†32 (12–63)34 (12–79)33 (12–79)
US during diagnostic workup‡ (n (%))8 (29%)8 (28%)*16 (28%)
Alvarado score†,§5 (3–8)5 (3–8)5 (3–8)
  • Data are median (range) unless otherwise specified.

  • *Data for one participant who withdrew after randomisation not available.

  • †Note that there were some missing data for duration of symptoms and Alvarado score; for duration of symptoms, data are missing for 10 in appendicectomy arm and 8 (including one withdrawal) in non-operative treatment arm; for Alvarado score, data are missing for five (including one withdrawal) in non-operative treatment arm.

  • ‡No child had a CT scan as part of diagnostic workup.

  • §The Alvarado score22 is a tool used to assess the likelihood of appendicitis in children presenting with abdominal pain. It was calculated for participants to provide a quantitative measure of severity of illness but was not used to determine eligibility for the trial or as a minimisation criteria.

  • US, ultrasound.