Table 1

PEWS charts validation process

Key findingsDescription
Age bracketsThe most common split for ages is 0–1 year, 1–4 years, 5–12 years, 12+ years—with most variation in the 0–1 year age group.
Calculation of the scoreThere is wide variation in which and how many (abnormal) parameters contribute to the score.
Measured parametersRemarkably similar although there is variation around whether the BP is recorded and forms part of the score (vs just being recorded) and how behavioural change and parental/nurse concern are captured/scored.
Meaning of a high/low scoreNot all scores had the higher value representing greater concern.
Additional featuresSepsis tools; tools for escalation and tools for mandating a response were the most frequent.
Hospital-specific elementsFor example, contact details for bleeps and ward extensions.
  • BP, blood pressure; PEWS, paediatric early warning systems.