Table 2

Prepandemic characteristics of seven repurposed PICUs in England

HospitalsSt Mary’s HospitalRoyal Brompton HospitalRoyal London HospitalAlder Hey Children’s HospitalRoyal Manchester Children’s HospitalKing’s College HospitalRoyal Stoke University HospitalTotal
RegionNorthwest LondonNorthwest LondonNortheast LondonNorthwest EnglandNorthwest EnglandSoutheast LondonNorth Midlands
Hospital characteristics
Paediatric Emergency DepartmentYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
Retrieval ServiceNoYes (adult ECMO)Yes (London Air Ambulance HEMS)YesYesNoNo
Critical care characteristics
Paediatric (level 3)*1116621158683
Paediatric (level 2)†48414128454
Paediatric ECMONoYesNoYesNoNoNo
Adult (level 2 and 3)3242440566952295
PICU characteristics
Annual admissions 412 569 369 951 1133 642 2774353
External admission sourcesCATS and STRSCATS and STRSCATS and STRSNWTSNWTSSTRS and CATSKIDS and NWTS
Usual PICU case-mixMedical-surgicalCardiorespiratoryMedical-surgicalMedical-surgical and cardiacMedical-surgicalMedical-surgicalMedical-surgical
Specialist servicesPaediatric Major trauma centre
Paediatric HCID-A centre
Non-oncological bone marrow transplant centre
Congenital heart surgery (all ages)
Long-term ventilation (all ages)
Adult unit is one of five centrally funded ECMO centres for acute respiratory failure
Major trauma centre (all ages)
National referral centre for bone marrow failure syndromes,
Tertiary gastroenterology and endocrinology
Paediatric Major Trauma centre
Paediatric ECMO centre (cardiac and respiratory)
Congenital heart surgery
Paediatric HCID-A centre
Designated Vein of Galen centre
Metabolic service
Bone marrow transplant service
Major trauma centre
Tertiary gastroenterology
National Liver Transplant Centre
  • *Level 3 critical care defined as invasive organ support (intensive care).

  • †Level 2 critical care defined as high dependency care.

  • CATS, Children’s Acute Transport Service; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; HCID-A, High Consequence Infectious Disease—Airborne; HEMS, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service; KIDS, Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit; STRS, South Thames Retrieval Service.