Table 3

Plans for expanding critical care capacity to look after adults using repurposed PICU space and staff

HospitalsSt Mary’s HospitalRoyal Brompton HospitalRoyal London HospitalAlder Hey Children’s HospitalRoyal Manchester Children’s HospitalKing’s College HospitalRoyal Stoke University Hospital
Ring-fenced arrangements for paediatric critical care patients2 bed-spaces for internal emergency1 bed-space for internal emergency on a separate ward2 bed-spaces for internal emergencyBed-spaces for ECMO service and emergency cardiac surgery15 bed-spaces for internal emergency
Accept external time-critical admissions and specialist local service referrals
4 bed-spaces for internal emergency, mainly liver and neurosciences
Accept external admissions for neurosurgery and liver referrals
No bed-spaces
Diversion arrangementsDivert CATS admissions to GOSH/ELCHDivert CATS/STRS admissions to GOSH/ELCHDivert CATS/STRS admissions to GOSH/ELCHNoneDivert referralsDiverts all CATS/STRS admissions to GOSH/ELCHDivert KIDS admissions to BCH
Alternative provisionPHDU relocated to a general ward
Burns unit relocated
Satellite level 2 paediatric critical care facility on general ward
Admission capacity for level 2–3 adult critical care15 COVID18 COVID, including ECMO12 non-COVID and COVID19 non-COVID and COVID21 COVID12 non-COVID10 COVID
  • BCH, Birmingham Children’s Hospital; CATS, Children Acute Transport Service; ELCH, Evelina London Children’s Hospital; GOSH, Great Ormond Street Hospital; KIDS, Kids Intensive Care and Decision Support; PHDU, paediatric high dependency unit; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit; STRS, South Thames Retrieval Service.