Table 3

Actions to support local leaders

Hospital management
  • Develop and agree with staff local safety policies based on national policies.

  • Support agreed risk control measures to ensure treatments given safely.

  • Only introduce new technologies if staffing, training and resources sufficient to support effective and safe use.

National professional organisations
  • Develop of context appropriate guidelines and safety policies.

  • Define levels of resources and skill that must be met before facilities advance to a new level.

  • Provide shared resources and support for safety and quality improvement.

  • Create and support of professional networks.

Funders of research in low-resource countries
  • Include evaluations of patient safety prior to any intervention.

  • Ensure interventions that aim to advance technology supported care include careful evaluation of effects on patient safety.

  • Include funding for strengthening local systems when introducing new technologies or treatments.

International organisations and professional networks
  • Sharing of experience.

  • Coaching, mentoring and support.

  • Publish and share accounts of safety improvement in low-resource settings.