Table 4

Multivariable regression models

OR95% CIP value
CAA regression at 2 months post-KD
Primary adjunctive corticosteroids2.771.04 to 7.420.042
Maximum z-score at baseline echo0.640.50 to 0.81<0.001
Age at fever onset >1 year0.980.98 to 1.090.74
Bilateral CAA at baseline0.220.11 to 0.46<0.001
Time to CAA regression HR 95% CI P value
Primary adjunctive corticosteroids1.941.27 to 2.960.002
Maximum z-score at baseline echo0.750.64 to 0.88<0.001
Age at fever onset >1 year0.990.94 to 1.050.77
Bilateral CAA at baseline0.370.23 to 0.60<0.001
  • CAA, coronary artery aneurysm; KD, Kawasaki disease.