Table 2

Results of inter-rater reliability for each variable

VariablenReliability95% CIMethod
Heart rate
870.840.80 to 0.89Weighted kappa
Temperature (°C)800.980.95 to 0.99Weighted kappa
Respiratory rate (breaths per min)860.710.62 to 0.79Weighted kappa
Oxygen saturation (%)870.620.48 to 0.74Weighted kappa
(normal for age, agitated, floppy, listless and inappropriate)
880.920.86 to 0.99PABAK
(audible grunt, stridor, tracheal tug, wheeze and none of the above)
880.970.92 to 1.00PABAK
Nurse judgement
(no judgement, low-level concern and child looks unwell/high-level concern)
880.300.09 to 0.50PABAK
Total PAGE score (retrospectively calculated)730.640.53 to 0.73Weighted kappa
  • PABAK, prevalence-adjusted and bias-adjusted kappa; PAGE, Paediatric Admission Guidance in the Emergency department.