Table 1

Characteristics of study cohort: children born with an isolated oral cleft in England who had school absence data for the academic year in which they turned 7 years of age (academic years 2006/2007 to 2013/2014 included)

CharacteristicIsolated cleft cohort
National figures according to the National Pupil Database24
Cleft type
 Cleft lip only92026.1
 Cleft palate only125735.7
 Cleft lip and palate134638.2
IDACI* group (quintiles of national distribution)
 1 (least deprived)54915.717.4
 5 (most deprived)84324.125.7
Missing 21
Eligible for free school meals
Missing 15
Ethnic group
Missing 1
English as first language
Missing 5
Recognised special educational needs (SEN) and approach
 Yes (total)142640.520.9
 Yes – school action52615.012.4
 Yes – school action plus*72820.76.6
 Yes – statement*1724.91.9
Missing 6
Primary type of SEN†
 Speech, language and communication needs51014.52.5
 Hearing impairment732.10.2
 Learning difficulties1424.02.8
 Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties772.11.6
  • *See text for further explanation.

  • †Type of SEN is documented for only those with school action plus or a statement of SEN.

  • IDACI, Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index.