Table 1

Mean (SD) results presented for swing and jab and place and press data by age strata and whether the child moved

Age of participant (years)
Movement for one or both methods (mean±SD)No movement for either method
Swing and jabPlace and pressSwing and jabPlace and press
5 (n=21)5.33±3.043.77±0.8503.97±1.453.73±1.02
6 (n=9)14.9±18.83.84±0.8653.58±0.4573.58±0.411
7 (n=22)12.5±10.66.48±4.324.01±1.444.55±2.18
8 (n=10)23.6±40.417.8±30.64.97±2.964.12±1.86
9 (n=11)11.1±10.17.02±3.603.8±0.1413.9±0.141
10 (n=11)14.5±20.96.55±5.133.4±0.1413.4±0.587
11 (n=16)5.59±2.433.71±1.185.2±2.083.81±0.767