Table 2

Coding scheme for a category under the theme ‘support system’

Family and friendsEmotional‘Don’t worry, baby will be fine’xx
Expressing feelingsxx
FinancialSavings from father, in-laws and paternal unclex
Lease on assets from fatherx
Income and savings from brotherx
Interest-free loan from friendsx
PeersSepsis-related experiencesFamilial background informationx
Breastfeeding problemsx
Baby’s conditionx
Feelings of guilt and shamex
General hospitalisation experiencesPostpartum recoveryxxx
Husband’s/parent’s backgroundxx
Selective information sharingx
Financial supportxx
Own backgroundxxx
Hospital facilitiesxxx
StaffDoing their jobTrusting staffxxx
Observing staff do their dutyx
Caring despite being busyx
Running around without restx
Trouble shootingBreastfeeding challengesx
Kangaroo mother carexx
Pumping breast milkxx
Knowledge and competencyUnderstand baby’s conditionx
Understanding machinex
Understanding sights and soundsx
Learning to operate machinex
Postpartum health and nutritionxx
Baby carex
ReligionUndertaking ‘Harke’ (vows)xx
Placing faith in Godxxx
Donating to religious causexx
Praying to Godxxx
  • F, father; GP, grandparent; M, mother.