Table 1

Summary for the 260 study participants seen in emergency departments with suspected meningococcal disease (n and (%) unless otherwise stated)

Age (months; median (range))35 (1–156)
Male sex142 (54.6)
Vaccination status
 Vaccinations up-to-date253 (97.3)
 Meningococcal B vaccinated150 (57.7)
 Meningococcal C vaccinated179 (68.8)
Index tests
 C reactive protein260(100)
 White cell counts260(100)
Reference standard
 Culture/PCR253 (97.3)
 Presumed negative7 (2.7)
 Received parenteral antibiotics at first presentation120 (46.2)
 Admitted to hospital142 (54.6)
 Admitted to PICU4 (1.5)
 Deaths1 (0.4)
 Confirmed meningococcal disease5 (1.9)
  • LAMP, loop-mediated isothermal amplification; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit.