Table 4

List of measures taken to ensure rigour in our study

CriteriaMeasures taken in our study
Credibility and confirmability
  • Triangulation of data from multiple sources of data collection.

  • Audio-recording of interviews to retain information.

  • Participant verification of handwritten interviews.

  • Continuous and active immersion in data.

  • Multidisciplinary team (experts in subject and methods) for

    • Interpretation of data (SM, AB, HH and LL).

    • External review of findings.

  • Minimising subjective interpretations by adequate researcher (SM) training and experience in qualitative research methods and analysis.

  • Checking coding cycles by a second qualitative expert (HH).

  • Detailed report of research plan, implementation and challenges.

  • Thick description of results written before preparation of manuscript.

  • Provision of explicit reporting of analysis plan, participants quotations and emotions.

  • Detailed protocol (online supplemental file 1) to report study design and context.

  • Study limitations reported for further understanding of study settings.

PositionalityAbout the interviewer (SM)
  • Is an unmarried female PhD student.

  • Was in the third year at the time of interviewing.

  • Is external to NICU and not a member of clinical NICU team.

  • Is qualified in Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Master of Public Health.

  • Has research experience since 2011.

  • Has adequate training and experience in qualitative research methods and analysis.

  • NICU, neonatal intensive care unit.