Abstract G383(P) Table 1
Emerging themesRecommendations
1. Tackling work pressures Heavy workload, regular tasks that could be done by non-medical practitioners and documentation duplication. QI projects to streamline processes e.g. finding procedure consumables. Encouraging upskilling of non-medical professionals.
2. Rest Breaks and safe travel home Excessive workload, rota gaps and poor/no rest facilities. Sleep advice as part of all trusts’ induction programmes.
Changes to travel home arrangements due with 2019 Junior Doctor Contract changes.
3. Access to food and drink Difficult access to catering facilities (time/location) and drink restrictions in some clinical areas. Encouraging water fountains/drink stations and promoting a take-your-breaks culture.
4 & 5. Engagement between trust board, managers and trainees Few opportunities to network or attend meetings due to short rotations and busy rotas. Encouraging trainees to participate in paired learning, shadowing schemes and on-the-job leadership training
6. Rotas promoting work life balance Rota gaps, lack of flexibility and trainees working beyond rostered hours; reluctance to exception report as concern about negative senior responses. Promote culture of trainee involvement in rota design and exception reporting.
7. Promoting excellence Trainees greatly value acknowledgement and gratitude for their hard work. Continue promoting a positive culture, including more work- based assessment opportunities, excellence reporting and trust awards.
8. Wellbeing, support and mentoring Varied amount and knowledge of local and regional support Designated wellbeing reps, signposting and wellbeing sessions