Table 1

Characteristics of patients included in model derivation and external validation

CharacteristicDerivationExternal validation
NETS, n=4840SENSS, n=5427*NETS, n=1443SENSS, n=1627*
Birth weight (kg)
Mode of delivery
 Spontaneous vaginal26975731075789763101863
 Assisted vaginal10.0260.10010.1
 Caesarean section1999422212415093657435
HIV exposure
  • *Data presented are after multiple imputation. The multiple imputation filled in the missing values while preserving the pattern of distribution observed in the original data sets (online supplemental table 8).

  • †Denominators for the variables obtained by subtracting the missing data from the sample (4840 for derivation, 1443 for external validation)

  • ‡Outborn refers to neonates admitted to the unit having been born either in another facility, at home or on the way to hospital

  • NETS, Neonatal Essential Treatment Score; SENSS, Score for Essential Symptoms and Signs.