Table 1

IRR with 95% CI for 3-year lagged mean number of deaths in UK compared with EU15+ in 2015* for children aged 1–4 and 5–9 years old (both sexes)

Both sexes, 1–4Both sexes, 5–9
Deaths†% of totalIRRP valueLower CIUpper CIDeaths†% of totalIRRP valueLower CIUpper CI
 Common infections8516.22.08<0.0011.612.67258.02.38<0.0011.483.83
 Neonatal disorders112.11.450.280.742.8531.01.120.860.323.90
 Other communicable71.
 Cardiovascular diseases234.41.220.400.771.91134.41.260.450.692.28
 Chronic respiratory diseases132.41.760.080.933.31144.43.25<0.0011.666.37
 Digestive diseases112.01.850.090.913.7492.82.520.021.125.65
 Neurological disorders509.
 Other NCD8716.51.000.990.791.263812.
 Transport injuries234.40.600.020.390.93237.50.680.080.441.05
 Unintentional injuries5811.00.710.010.540.94186.00.560.020.350.90
 Interpersonal violence61.20.460.060.201.0241.40.530.210.201.44
  • Causes contributing to less than 1% of total deaths are not shown.

  • Causes where there were significant differences in mortality between the UK and EU15+ are highlighted in red.

  • *For EU15+ countries without data to 2015, we used lagged mean number of deaths over the 3 years prior to the latest available data year in Poisson regression models for all countries except Greece, where data were only available for 2014.

  • †Mean annual number of deaths between 2013 and 2015 in the UK rounded to the nearest whole number.

  • DUBE, diabetes/urological/blood/endocrine disorders; EU15+, European Union countries pre-2004, Norway, Australia and Canada; IRR, incidence rate ratio; NCD, non-communicable disease.