Table 2

Programme costs overall and for one health facility

ItemItem cost (US$)NumberTotal cost (US$)
Solar and oxygen equipment
 Solar power system, including battery41 000141 000
 Nasal oxygen prongs3200600
 Oxygen concentrators – 5 L/min64831944
 Sureflow flowmeter Airsep5501550
 Lifebox pulse oximeter2503750
 Oximeter sensor probes (five per oximeter)3015450
 Uninteruptable power supply units2002400
 Oxygen analyser: flow and concentration3851385
 Paediatric cannula, 7 feet3100300
 Cannula tubing, 25 feet6100600
 Intermediate infant cannula 7 feet3100300
 Neonate cannula, 7 feet3100300
 Cannula tubing, 15 feet4100400
Spare parts for oxygen concentrators
 Filter, internal12.50113
 Filter, external foam313
 Sieve beds 5 L1851185
 Compressor 220 v1801180
 Circuit board concentrator1701170
Logistics and installation
 Delivery of equipment to health centre300013000
 Installation costs200012000
 Cost per health centre53 537
Overall programme costs
 Sea freight18 000
 Air freight27 000
 Vehicle fuel and maintenance10 000
 Training – clinical, technical and quality improvement150 000
 Total programme costs205 000/38 *5395
 Total cost per health facility58 932
Overall costs2 239 416
  • * total number of participating health facilities