Table 1

Unit costs used to value resource use measured in the main trial analysis

Resource itemUnitUnit cost (AU$)Source
High-flow capital equipment
(AIRVO2 system)
Consumables for high-flow therapy
 Paediatric circuitItem55.50Manufacturer
 Paediatric nasal cannula (Optiflow)Item25.00Manufacturer
 Oxygen tubingItem7.50Manufacturer
 Wiggle padsItem3.00Manufacturer
Consumables for standard oxygen therapy
 Paediatric nasal cannulaItem2.64Manufacturer
Bronchiolitis treatment
 Bronchiolitis treatment and LoSEpisode of care (AR-DRG code E70A)*VariesNational Efficient Price Determination15
Retrieval and transfer costs 
 Road transfer in Queensland (fixed)Retrieval832Queensland Health Ambulance
 Nurse time (grade 6.4)Hour61.64Queensland Health18
 Medical practitioner time (L8)Hour80.94Queensland Health19
  • *AR-DRG is Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group; Code E70A is Bronchiolitis with Complications. Price determination varies dependent on the length of stay (disaggregated by hospital and intensive care unit), indigenous status and remoteness of the patient.

  • LoS, length of stay.