Table 5

Summary of serious ADRs causing death, necessitating withdrawal or discontinuation of therapy

ADRsNo. of deathNo. of withdrawal or discontinuation *
RCTs and prospective cohort studies
 Biliary pseudolithiasis023
Retrospective cohort studies
 Immune haemolytic anaemia1130
 Leukocytoclastic vasculitis01
 X-linked agammaglobulinaemia01
 Biliary pseudolithiasis012
 Hepatic toxicities (liver injury)01
 Toxic hepatitis01
 Vitamin K deficiency01
 Non-convulsive status epilepticus01
Total 11 86
  • *When the patients died after withdrawal or discontinuation of ceftriaxone, we counted it both as a case of ‘death’, and as a case of ‘withdrawal or discontinuation’.

  • ADRs, adverse drug reactions; RCTs, randomised controlled trials.