Table 4

UK rank for 3-year lagged mean mortality rate per 100 000 compared with 17 EU15+ countries in 2015*

Both sexesBoth sexesBoysGirlsBoysGirls
 Common infections171817161818
 Neonatal disorders1511
 Other communicable15
 Cardiovascular diseases161513121512
 Chronic respiratory diseases151818181618
 Digestive diseases171817161518
 Neurological disorders13714131717
 Other NCD10151213710
 Transport injuries5511878
 Unintentional injuries63910910
 Interpersonal violence36786
  • Causes contributing to less than 1% of total deaths are not shown.

  • Cells are shaded according to UK mortality rank compared with 17 EU15+ countries, from green (1=lowest mortality) to yellow/orange (9.5=median mortality), to red (18=highest mortality).

  • *Rank was calculated using 3-year lagged mean mortality rate per 100 000 for 2015 in the UK compared with all EU15+ countries except Greece, where data were only available for 2014 For EU15+ countries without data to 2015, we used lagged mean mortality rate over the 3 years prior to the latest available data year.

  • DUBE, diabetes/urological/blood/endocrine disorders; EU15+, European Union countries pre-2004, Norway, Australia and Canada; MSK, musculoskeletal disorders; NCD, non-communicable disease.